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Ten Tips to Help You Finish Writing Your Novel
by: Ann Roscopf Allen
  1. Set aside a time to write and keep it sacred.
  2. Remove all distractions while you write.
  3. Outline your plot.
  4. Avoid the intimidation of a blank computer screen.
  5. Keep a draft mentality.
  6. Don't feel compelled to begin at the beginning.
  7. Organize your files, especially if you are not going to write in order.
  8. Revise, revise, revise.
  9. Don't be afraid of putting yourself out there.
  10. Only you can determine when you are finished.
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How To Make A Resume A Vital Skill For Everyone

Reason 1: The Cost For That Resume Is Significant Unless you learn how to make a resume, it will cost you lots of money for a skill that you really need to know first-hand. With the right reference materials, the essentials of resume writing can be learned in an hour or two. I offer an excellent book on this topic at my website, if I may say so myself. Of course, as you know, you can also visit almost any bookstore to find several other books that will bring you up to speed. In the end, you should expect to pay between $100 and a few hundred dollars for an experienced resume writer to write a resume for you.

You may see teaser ads for less, but as always, you get what you pay for. After all, the professional resume writer wants to make a good living, too. If the cost to you is exceptionally low, chances are it will be farmed out to a less experienced writer. Reason 2: It Will Cost You Even More Money Later Let's say that you pay someone to prepare your resume for you. A bit painful to your pocketbook, but maybe not so bad depending on your budget. The problem is, in today's highly competitive job market, you will need to do everything you can to increase your odds at landing a job favorable to your career.

That includes tweaking and tuning your resume as the situation dictates. As an example, let's say at your current job you have been called on to handle a wide range of tasks - and you have carried them out exceptionally well. The problem is, you may not want to list all of those responsibilities in a single resume.

That might give the impression that you are not focused on any particular expertise and that may put you at a disadvantage. Better to research what skill sets and what role the company you are interested in is looking to fill. Then, tune your resume accordingly.

Takes more time? Yes. Gets better results? Absolutely. If you paid to have someone write your resume the first time, you will no doubt lack the confidence to make significant changes to fit each situation. Sometimes you may just need a tweak - and you will handle that.

Other times, it may take some serious changes to put your background and capabilities in the most favorable light. Going back to the professional writer to get this done each time is going to cost you! Also, don't forget cover letters. This the single best way to showcase how you would fit each job opportunity. Even if you decide to stick with one version of your resume, each cover letter must be customized to be effective. Here again, you will start to feel pain in your bank account if you don't master the skills to tailor your own resume and cover letters accordingly. Reason 3: You Will Have To Do Most Of The Work Anyway Even the best professional resume writer is not a mind reader.

He or she cannot assemble the raw materials - the details of your background - without significant input from you. What you will soon discover is that this can be the most time consuming task of all. In other words, you are going to be put to work by the resume writer. And among the resume writing stages and tasks, this fact collection process can be the most time consuming.

So, let's will wind up doing the grunt work of collecting and organizing the "raw materials" for writing your resume. Then, you are going to pay someone else the big bucks to turn it into a concise summary.

Not that great of a trade-off, if you ask me. Reason 4: You Know Yourself - The Resume Write Does Not Speaking of mind readers, who knows you better than you know yourself? You will have to convey your career aspirations, your likes and dislikes, your motivations, etc. This may take some deep thinking and reflection on your part. So here again, the burden is on you to shape this into your career objectives.

all so the resume writer can simply summarize this critical information in a few bullet points. Reason 5: You Need To Know Exactly What Is On Your Resume And Why Obviously, you know what is on your resume, right? Not necessarily if you had someone else write it and you don't review it very carefully. Remember that lots of details went into creating your winning resume. When the time comes to sit in front of a hiring manager for a face-to-face interview, you should not be hesitant about which facts made it onto your resume and which ones did not. Chances are your words will not be in sync with your written resume if you are not thoroughly familiar with exactly what your resume says.

The best way to be on top of those details is to write your resume for yourself. Don't put yourself at a disadvantage, learn the art of writing a good resume now!.

Visit my website to get tips and advise for creating a resume that will practically crush the competition and get you the interview! You can also grab a free copy of my 10 best resume "secrets of the pros" here.

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